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Five Star Indie Reads #1 – Hunter’s Revenge – Val Penny

A thrilling murder mystery

5 stars


Hunter by name – Hunter by nature.

Detective Inspector Hunter Wilson is a loyal friend and a fair leader.

He is called to the scene of a murder in Edinburgh where the corpse has been fatally shot. He is dismayed to find the victim is his friend and colleague, George Reinbold. Hunter must investigate Reinbold’s murky past in Germany to identify George’s killer.

At the same time, Hunter is tasked with looking into a previously undetected criminal gang supplying drugs from Peru. There seems to be no connection between the murder and the drug supply until Hunter unexpectedly secures help from inmates of the local jail.

Hunter’s investigations are hampered by distracted members of his team and unobservant witnesses.

Reinbold was not the quiet, old man Hunter believed him to be and his killer bore their grudge for a lifetime.

Hunter's Revenge is the explosive second book in the DI Hunter Wilson thriller series.


Wow, this book was truly amazing. If you love thrilling stories that revolve around politics, detectives, and crime - this one's for you. Val Penny’s lyrical and immersive writing makes it feel like a movie as you begin to read the story.

Detective Hunter Wilson returns from A HUNTER’S CHASE, and he is called to investigate a new murder that had happened. The victim, who was brutally murdered by an unknown suspect, happens to be his friend, George. Detective Hunter Wilson buckles down and tries to track down George’s killer, along with being tasked to investigate a drug-laundering case, operated by a dangerous criminal gang. Is George’s murder mystery somehow tied in with the gang, and what discoveries will he unravel?

I love how Val Penny sucks you into her story through her world building, writing, and characters. I immediately loved the main protagonist, Detective Hunter Wilson, and sympathized with all the characters quickly. Overall, this is a brilliant read that will leave you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend!

Published on November 30, 2022

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