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Forest Mist
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Published by Darkstroke Books, 2022

A Dark Historical Tale with Thriller, Drama, and Western Elements

A Bestselling and Award-Winning Novel

◉ 2022 Readers Favorite Book Award Winner 

◉ #1 Bestseller in Canada (2022)

◉ #1 Bestseller in the United Kingdom (2022)

◉ #1 Bestseller in the United States (2022)

◉ 2022 Readers Favorite 5 Stars (2022)

◉ #1 Kindle Bestseller (2022)

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A life of crime. A quest for revenge. A final showdown.

Long ago, brothers Matthew and William Cayden were close. Then one day, everything changed.

Nineteen-year-old Matt is in trouble again with the law, except for this time, he is unable to weasel his way out. When Will hears of Matt’s latest arrest, it pushes their strained relationship to the limit. As Matt’s impulsive behavior leads to further trouble, dark secrets begin to unravel. Soon, they find themselves in grave danger.

The boys’ cousin, Lilianna Miller, raises questions about her true ethnicity, and discovers that she is a Native American, stolen from her tribe as a newborn. Raised in a wealthy family, she is sheltered all through her life by her over-protective adoptive father. But when her parents are murdered by a gang, Lilianna is bloodthirsty for revenge.

When Lilianna’s path crosses Will’s and Matt’s, her chase for the murderers turns even more perilous.

How will the brothers escape a fatal trap? And will Lilianna get her revenge?


"A Brother's Truth by Jenna Morrison is a young adult thriller set in the “wild west.” Taking place in the late 1890s, the story follows the fate of two brothers and their cousin as they fight the worst fate has to offer. Brothers Matt and Will are as different as they could be. One of them was the perfect child while the other was always on the bad side of everything for some reason. However, things got worse when Will was arrested, revealed some secrets that were best left buried, and now the brothers were in serious trouble. They were not the only ones in danger. Their cousin Lilianna found out some disturbing secrets about her own family. Her already shaken world was shattered when her parents were murdered by a blood-thirsty gang. Seeking revenge, Lilianna was ready to do whatever it took to avenge her parents. Somehow, Matt and Will were roped in as well, and now all three were struggling to survive. What would happen next?

The story was darker than I expected, and I loved it. From the very beginning, I was sucked in and enjoyed the descriptions the most. The descriptions were, in fact, vital in understanding the characters and the plot. While there were morally ambiguous characters in the story, I found Matt to be very simple. He was confused and unable to find his footing, especially when it came to his brother Will. Jessa’s character was fun, and she was perhaps the only person who could slap Matt and get away with it. The pace was fast, the action was intense, and something was happening at any given moment. A perfect story for someone who enjoys young adult fiction with plenty of realistic imagery and believable characters. Intricate, dark, and very entertaining!"

-Rabia Tanveer for Readers Favorite

"Gangs, blood, and bitter betrayal are told through the lens of the Wild West in the electrifying novel, A Brother's Truth. Author Jenna Morrison's artful prose speaks to today's readers in a way that is both timeless and timely.  A must read!"

-Alane Ferguson, International Bestselling Author of THE CHRISTOPHER KILLER Series

"A heartbreakingly beautiful story about love, friendships, and family. I've truly loved it all. A BROTHER'S TRUTH will suprise you with its dark secrets and shocking twists."

- A.D. Graves, Author of ALLURED BY YOU

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