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Professional Editing Services


I will proofread your full manuscript or project. I will fix minor spelling, typos, and punctuation mistakes. Does not include characterization, plot, or structural edits. 

Cost is $0.014 per word

Final Proof Editing

I will make sure that your final manuscript or project is free from spelling mistakes, grammatical issues, and other problems that can spoil a reader's enjoyment. 

Cost is $0.018 per word

Developmental Editing

I will look over your full manuscript and will point out structural issues regarding plot, characters, structure, and style. I will focus on "big picture" issues that would sour a reader's experience. Does not include sentence level edits: spelling mistakes, grammar, or punctuation. 

Cost is $0.016 per word.

Query Letter Critique

I will look over, edit, and critique your query letter. This service will ensure that your query letter is ready for an agent or publisher.


Copy Editing

I will copy edit your full manuscript or project. This includes fixing grammatical issues, pointing out incorrect facts, and making sure everything in the story is consistent. Does not include big picture items: characterization, plot, or pacing.

Cost is $0.017 per word.

Synopsis Critique

I will look over, edit, and critique your synopsis. This will ensure that your synopsis is ready for publisher and agent eyes. This does not include the query letter critique.

Below 2,000 words: $80.00

 2,000- 4,000 words: $100.00

4,000- 8,000 words: $150.00

8,000- 12,000 words: $200.00

The Full Package

This service includes all the edits: proofreading, developmental, and copy editing.

Cost: $0.050 per word

Manuscript Critique

I will critique any draft of your manuscript.

$0.015 per word

*** If you are interested in these services, please contact me through the form below. I accept payment through Venmo only. Please note that any of these services provided will not guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted by an agent or a publisher.*** 


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