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Whispers in the Dark

Tales Told by Jenna Morrison

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A Brother's Truth

Long ago, brothers Matthew and William Cayden were close, but their bond fractured. Nineteen-year-old Matt's latest trouble with the law strains their relationship further, revealing dark secrets and placing them in grave danger. Their cousin, Lilianna Miller, discovers her Native American heritage after her wealthy adoptive parents are murdered by a gang. Driven by revenge, her path crosses with the brothers', leading to a perilous showdown. Can the brothers escape a deadly trap, and will Lilianna achieve her vengeance?

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A Brother's Tragedy

Six years after a family death, the Caydens are embroiled in disputes. William struggles with his failing farm while his brother Thomas faces trouble with a local gang, endangering their kidnapped sister Emmy. As Emmy’s disappearance spirals into chaos, dark secrets and tragedy emerge, changing their lives forever. What secrets will they uncover? Can the family escape their fatal trap?

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Through the Valley of Death - An Anthology

"Through the Valley of Death" is a haunting collection that invites the brave to explore its chilling short tales and evocative poems. Amid whispering pines and moonlit glades, each piece is a whispered allegory, a delicate dance between light and darkness. Journey into the valley’s heart, where reality and nightmare blur, and the flickering flame of faith battles encroaching darkness. Each story and poem illuminates the fragile threads that bind us to the light or condemn us to the dark.


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