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"Closer To Thy Light" by Jenna Morrison

In the shadows of the night,

Where darkness reigns supreme,

I walk the path of solitude,

Where nightmares haunt my dreams.

Closer to the abyss I tread,

Where fallen angels fly,

Beneath the veil of starless skies,

I'll find my peace, or die.

With every step, the echoes call,

A dirge of pain and woe,

As whispers from forgotten depths,

Through darkness, I must go.

Closer to the abyss I tread,

Where shadows dance and weep,

In the realm where demons dwell,

My soul, I cannot keep.

The violin's mournful cry,

Echoes through the night,

A requiem for the lost souls,

Bound by eternal blight.

Closer to the abyss I tread,

Where silence reigns supreme,

In the depths of darkest night,

I'll find my final dream.

But the closer to the Light I go,

Where His glory ever shines,

In the arms of grace divine,

I'll find my God, Christ, forever mine.

Mine, mine, oh forever mine.

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