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A Teaser Snippet - Unnamed WIP by Jenna Morrison

"This isn’t my first time, but with each visit, a shadow of apprehension tugs at the edges of my mind. The allure of beauty beckons, but beneath its veneer lies a labyrinth of uncertainty, where every assured promise carries the potential for peril. I'm consumed by a haunting question—what if my eyes were to be glued shut, ensnaring me in a darkness colder than the depths of death? What would it be like to wander in eternal darkness forever, lost in a realm where every rustle and whisper is a mystery untold, where every moment is swallowed by an endless night. And within the realm of vanity, behind closed eyes, lies the cradle of truth—a truth so profoundly chilling, it threatens to shatter the illusion of safety and plunge me into a nightmare I never anticipated."

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